Get Started

Get Started

In this starter video of NinjaContent, you will learn more about content planning software and its Business use cases.

NinjaContent by 500apps is a content planning software that helps users to plan and schedule your content in advance on social media platforms for growing your business. You'll see how the software creates a content calendar, assign tasks to team members, and tracks the progress of your campaigns. Content Planning Software helps organize and optimize your content marketing efforts by creating an abstract and assigning articles. It will help you to keep track of unlimited web pages, blogs and build them with consistency. You can run effortless content marketing campaigns with it. Another thing is You can also spot the gaps in your content and make changes, adding content as per your requirement.

Build, schedule & plan with a content calendar to keep track of your progress, evaluating the outcomes of your marketing efforts. By creating a detailed marketing plan, you can effectively streamline your content marketing goals. With the Intelligent content planning strategy, users can also stay on track with making content clusters. This pillar content supports and reinforces your content plan for the website.

Create a system for managing and planning all aspects of the solution to provide a consolidated platform for users to generate and manage all content in one place. So here Ninja content helps you to get the best possible content for your website which also keeps checking with SEO parameters and which are based upon SEO standards.