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NinjaContent by 500apps Content planning software provides a platform for users to manage their content so that it can be published, and has ability to organize large amounts of content.

500apps offers a suite of 50 Apps at $14.99 and has 14 day trial.


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About Loomly

Loomly is the Brand Success Platform that empowers marketing teams to grow successful brands online through collaboration, publishing and analytics features.

Loomly is a social media calendar management platform that assists teams and individuals


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$ 14.99 /mo

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Easy Content Planning software.

Content is always a matter of fact which leads to awareness and recites to schedule and manage content equally.

How Loomly Alternative helps your Business?

Usually begins with the creation of new content in the form of graphics, text and multimedia files. Once created, it is necessary to optimize and publish the new content to make it available for distribution.

Why Choose Loomly Alternative?

The most advanced content management systems are usually found on websites that have a high volume of content being updated regularly by many users.

Reasons for Why You Should Choose loomly Alternative?

Digital content is either created, edited or migrated from one system to another.


Majority of web developers use the built-in features in their web development software

Process of organizing, evaluating, and managing communications content

Reasearch based approach

Need or a problem, researching related data sources, analysing relevant information and systematically presenting the findings in a clear and logical manner for evaluation by others.


control and update both content and design.

Administrative backend where the user can upload content, design pages and create categories, as well as manage the site's settings.

Support for mobile devices

Integration with other systems. Some features include the ability to upload videos, create photo galleries, and set up news feeds.

Why Should you Use NinjaContent?

Get organized with content planning software, Creating awesome. 50 Apps to grow your business like a fortune 500 company.

Software for any size organization

Designed to make it easier for those tasked with the responsibility of content creation to develop new content as well as revise, edit, and publish existing content. It is sometimes referred to as a series editor or an editorial system.

Quick Schedule your Events

The software can also be used to determine when certain posts should be sent out in order to take advantage of different time zones and maximize exposure. The software can also be used to schedule live video events.

Content Planning Strategy

Content planning software is programs that are used by marketers to plan the content strategy. It helps them to get organized, prioritize their content, and create a consistent tone.

Manage your content at ease

Content planning software can help authors and editors to streamline and manage their content, which in turn can help to increase the quality of the content. It can also be used for other purposes such as cataloguing, searching, editing and much more.

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