How To Use A Blog Content Planner?

Blog content planners come in three main versions; paper planner, notebook-style day planner, and blog planning software.


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What Makes the Best Content Tool?

If you need consistency and quality on your blog, you need a blog content planner. Managing your time to fit in admin work, emails, researches, breaks, and so on is a strenuous task. Quality blogs are scares, and to make yours a top-notch one, you need adequate planning. A blog planner will make your content creation easier and a lot more fun. The software helps you cover a range of duties, from creating the perfect blog post to managing your daily tasks. It serves as a central place for all your blog posts, including those you have already published and those you plan to research, edit or promote. The blog content planner is also a great place to brainstorm and store up ideas for new posts. Consistency in blogging is not overrated. Knowing what and when to write is essential. Irrespective of how quality the blog posts are, you will lose the audience's interest you have caught if you write short busts and disappear for a few weeks. Blog content planners help you to build the consistency you need.

Blog Content Planner

Guide To Using Blog Content Planners

  • Blog content planners come in three main versions; paper planner, notebook-style day planner, and blog planning software. However, for the sake of this article, we will dwell on specialized software for blog content planning.
  • Blog social media content planner is a portable, actionable, and practical way of planning and publishing your content. The software lets you work faster and create schedules for blog posts and social messages that support your promotion. In addition, since the software is a digital tool, it can last you for years as you consistently build up your blog.

Here are the steps you need to take to get the best out of your content planners:

Create topic themes throughout the year:

With a blog content planner, you will finally put the question that What will I write about today? to rest for good. Themes are a group of topics that match your blogging goals and meet your readers' needs. Creating a theme will guide your topic brainstorming process and inspire you to be as creative as possible.

If you are finding it challenging to come up with topic themes, here are some questions to get you on the way:

  • How do different seasons impact the industry I write on?
  • What does my audience go through in their buying process?
  • What categories make up the industry I write on? These questions and similar ones will help you draw up about ten topic themes for the year, which are enough to get you around the year.

Think of ideas in line with the theme

Once the themes are ready, you need to develop ideas for each piece. Note these ideas, score your thoughts from poor to excellent, and prioritize them. Prioritizing your ideas will help you create unique content. Your blog content will have shaped up nicely by considering how each post will transform the readers, what goals it will solve, and potential headlines and points of view.

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Put your ideas on your blog calendar

  • You can use your blog calendar now that you know what posts to make throughout the year. The most common trap you should avoid falling into is that you might want to increase your publishing frequency due to the plethora of topics on the ground. However, if you publish three posts in a week and go dormant for two months, you won't see your desired results.
  • A blog post content calendar tool helps you stick to a writing consistency based on other activities in your schedule. Within a few months, you will have a library of quality blog posts, which will motivate you to keep going. Once you have steadied out with your posts, you should consider increasing your publishing cadence.

Schedule Promotion for your blog content:

  • With a fully packed blog planner, you should have enough content to post on social media planner and send in your newsletters. Then, create a social media promotion campaign to reach different readers across various platforms. Also, with a bit of tweak, you can repost the same message on the same platform to get more people.
  • You can start by sending email newsletters at a given monthly frequency for email marketing. This is not cast on stone, and once you have a blog post for the week, you should have enough to talk about in your email newsletter.

Choose The Right App

  • With the knowledge of managing your blog posts, you might find getting the right blog content schedule app a bit tricky. Therefore, this article would be unjust without recommending the right app.
  • NinjaContent is a content planning software that enables you to plan content across all marketing channels. It automates your content initiatives and measures the success of your campaigns. In addition, the software made it easy for you to track how many times the keywords are searched for monthly.

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