Why You Need a Content Marketing Planner Now?

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What Makes the Best Content Tool?

Imagine reading a story with no coherent plot, character arc, or even a focal character from which to see their world. Isn’t it annoying, like wading through the darkness without any clarity? That’s precisely what your online media looks like without a content marketing planner. All the excellent info you promote is one jumbled mess that you, nor your customers, can make sense of.

So what is the purpose of content planning? Is it essential for my website? Those are interesting questions we want to share our thoughts on today. While many people might view this as an organizational tool, it has many other uses. Here are solid reasons your business needs a social media content planner.

Why Is It Essential?

Creating familiarity, acquiring customers, and increasing conversions are all goals that businesses should strive to achieve if they want to make it. While some companies prefer winging it or applying the shotgun method (scattering as much content then hoping a few stick), in the business world, efforts tend to be more efficient and effective when teams take the time to plan out how to get from Point A to Point D.

However, don't be fooled; good content planner is a multi-step process. It might take time at first, but it will become one of your regular routines once you get it. Relax; the actual content production is not that difficult.

Here Are What Good Content Marketing Planners Create for Your Business


Trust between customers and companies is an essential factor in conversions. This can be described by a typical mentality where people will favor something which they feel they know more about. This is called the Familiarity Principle, and it’s been a highly effective way to increase conversions while promoting brand awareness.

Once visitors are familiar with your content, they will feel more connected to your company and brand. This, in turn, creates trust, something which is also extremely important for conversions. When there’s trust in place, people are more likely to convert, which helps you get more revenue.

When you look at the process of acquiring new customers from this perspective, it makes sense why you would want to prioritize working with a content marketing software to generate more content that breeds familiarity.


Many businesses see content as only relevant for customer acquisition; however, that mindset is commonplace mainly among B2B businesses. Many buyers will use different pieces of content before contacting a sales agent.

On the other hand, it’s also essential for B2C companies since it can create interest where none existed beforehand. As we mentioned above, content has other uses as well. You can use it to incentivize past customers or offer add-ons to increase sales with other products and services.

How to Plan Content

1.Create formats:

There are a variety of content designs, from blogs to case studies to videos and even infographics. Review which of these formats will work best regarding the user personas and sales funnel stages you are trying to reach, and then select only those that perform the best.

2.Determine the best approach:

When you create content for different sales funnel users, what is the best strategy? Determine the best format for each user and situation, and then choose only those best formats.

3.Execute Due Diligence:

After establishing the objective, do research. This step is crucial, and many businesses overlook it. The competition, non-competitive companies within the industry, and your website need to be researched to make sure that your current content efforts are unique or are at least improving on previous content. Remember to focus on user needs, not just business goals, when doing research.

4.Plan Everything:

The first step is to establish the objective. Never shoot from the hip or run around like a chicken with your head cut off without a starting point. Are you trying to create new leads? Are you looking to entice former customers to make further purchases? It is essential to have a clear direction to guide the later steps with a better focus.

One way you can plan is by using a content calendar tool. Content calendars are an essential part of content planning. It helps to know what will be produced when and for what purpose. For larger companies that regularly produce various content, everyone must understand what is being done. Otherwise, you won’t have the right message across to the right audience at the right time.

5.Create and Distribute Content:

Now that you have developed your content, it’s time to prepare it for distribution. After you develop your content, it’s time to get it in front of your target audience. Make sure they see what you created.

Work with a Content Marketing Planner Today

Ultimately, simply producing more and more content is not a practical approach to marketing or sales. Content planning helps provide direction for developing and distributing helpful content that engages users and attains goals. This is the difference between a marksman consistently hitting the bull’s eye with a consistent methodology and a spray-and-pray method that only occasionally produces results.

Contact NinjaContent today to work with your brand’s own content planning software! We are the world’s first tool for this niche with an AI writer and bot distribution to ensure your content matches your needs. Sign up today and find out more through our website!

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