What are the 6 most common mistakes in web content planning?

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What Makes the Best Content Tool?

If you want to ensure that your marketing strategy works, then content planning software is something you'll want to do. While there are many tips that can help you properly plan out your web content, one thing that will help you ensure success is knowing other people's mistakes with their content planning efforts.

So, what are these mistakes, and how can you avoid them? Let's share with you common web content planning mistakes that you should avoid:

Mistake 1. Not Updating Your Outdated Content

Out-of-date content impacts the overall effectiveness of your marketing strategy and impacts the success of your business. After all, if you're using old, out-of-date information in your content, then your readers will notice. And if they notice, then they'll also be more likely to simply stop visiting your web page.

Now, don't get us wrong. We're not saying that you have to update your content every single day or even every week. But if you have a web page that has not been updated in more than 3 to 6 months, you should consider changing your content.

Updating your old content is just as effective as uploading new ones, so don't ignore the content that you uploaded months ago!

Mistake 2. Picking The Wrong Fonts For Your Blog

You might think that fonts don't matter much when it comes to your content marketing software. But the truth is that the font that you use for your web content does matter!

The font that you pick will determine how easy it is for your readers to skim through your content, but it will also determine how your readers respond to it or whether they respond to it. If you use a font that your readers don't like or are easily distracted by, you can be certain that your web content will be read less than if you did not make these errors. So, pick easy-to-read fonts for the sake of your readers!

Mistake 3. Sticking To The Status Quo

If you look at the most successful blogs and websites, then you'll notice that they're always experimenting with new content. The status quo you are currently in is not something you want to be a part of.

Of course, you don't want to go overboard when you're experimenting with new content. After all, to most readers, it's important that your content is at least somewhat predictable and reliable. But it's also important that you aren't publishing the same type of content over and over again, as that will lead to your marketing strategy becoming stagnant and outdated.

Mistake 4. Sharing Content That Is Just Too Long

If you're going to share content on your blog or website, then it should be content that your readers will actually want to read. Remember, your readers are visiting your site, so they must want to read the content that you have to share.

One thing that you'll want to avoid is sharing content that is just too long. Sure, you can share long content, but you'll want to keep it under 2,500 words. If you have a lot to share, then break it up into multiple blog posts. If you don't do this, then you can be certain that you'll lose readers.

Mistake 5. Making Your Content Concentrated On Yourself

Another mistake that you'll want to avoid is making your content too self-centered. Don't make the mistake of trying to focus too much on yourself and your website. Don't be that blogger that thinks that your blog is the only thing that matters.

You want your content to be centered on providing advice and helpful tips to your readers. Content that is centered on yourself will not only be less effective, but it will also be less interesting and less impactful.

Mistake 6. Forgetting About Search Engine Optimization

You've probably heard about SEO, and if you haven't, then you should hear about it soon. The truth is that SEO is extremely important for any blog or website, especially if you have a goal of attracting new readers.

SEO helps your content rank better in search engine results, which is one of the most important things that you'll want to do for your marketing strategy. It also helps you improve your overall content effort, so they're a must consider if you are trying to boost your website's rank and your blog's effectiveness.


If you want to succeed with your marketing strategy and your content plan, then it's important that you avoid these common mistakes. There will always be other mistakes that you'll want to avoid, but these are the most common mistakes that you need to be extra wary of. You set yourself up for success by avoiding them, so take your time with your web content and keep an eye out for any of these mistakes!

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