What Is A Content Planning Calendar?

Content planning calendar, also known as an editorial calendar, is a schedule that describes where and when you plan to publish any future content.


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What Makes the Best Content Tool?

Regular and consistent content creation is trickier than it seems. However, small and large companies have to churn out content regularly to keep their clients updated. These organizations use this type of content to inform prospects and customers about what they offer, including products and related services. When producing content at this rate, it's easy to run out of what to write. Running out of content can be a big problem.

So, how can you tackle this problem? The best way to ensure regular content creation is by utilizing a content planning calendar. How can it help your organization? How can you create a content planning calendar? You'll find out the answers to this question and more in this article.

Let's begin!

Guide To Content Planning Calendars

What Are Content Planning Calendars?

  • A content calendar tool, also known as an editorial calendar, is a schedule that describes where and when you plan to publish any future content. It will also contain a detailed plan of what you plan to create in the future. These schedules are usually designed to include titles of upcoming pieces, status updates on ongoing projects, upcoming promotional activity, proposed partnerships, and any planned changes to existing content.

  • The editorial social media content calendar will determine the regularity of your content creation and contain information on what you plan to create for your prospects and loyal customers. A content planning calendar also boosts collaboration in your editorial team. Every person knows what to do and the next project to embark on.

  • Finally, it gives you and your editorial team a clear picture of what to expect in the near and distant future. It will contain the topic for future projects and state the time they will be posted.

    Content Planning Calendar

How To Create A Content Planning Calendar

Now that you know the importance of an editorial calendar, it's time to learn valuable tips on creating one. Your brand can create a content planning calendar in a few easy steps;

  • Audit the content that you currently have. Visit your blog, website, or social media platforms and check through the content you find there. Note down the things you would like to improve on.

  • Decide on the channels that you would like to post your new content. You may choose to stick to your previous tracks or add some new ones.

  • Decide on what you'd like to post on your channels. You may choose different types of content for other media. Create a content asset library. This library will contain important details about your content, including the niche, expected delivery time, and so on.

  • Establish a workflow. The workflow pattern will determine how your editorial team will perform its tasks.

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content planning software can also ease your responsibilities and help you simplify the entire process. For this article, a recommended software solution for your editorial team is NinjaContent. This Content planning software is useful for planning your future content and measuring how far you have progressed with it.

This software will help you determine how to build, organize and handle your content creation plans. What's even better? This app can seamlessly integrate with other software solutions to enhance the collaboration of your editorial team. When integrated into your work processes, it can make the duties of your editorial team smoother and more efficient. It will aid you in developing content to boost your content creation.

How To Use Content Planning Calendars?

Let's say you have managed to create your content calendar. How would you use it to improve your content creation? Utilizing your content calendar is a relatively simple process.

  • The first thing to do is make sure that your content creation and editorial team have access to your editorial calendar. Make sure that everyone receives a physical or digital copy of the schedule. Next, delegate responsibilities based on the content of your plan. Make sure that everyone is involved in the process.

  • Set up controls and procedures to ensure that the content creation and editorial team sticks to the program. Eliminate bottlenecks in the process and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Do You Need A Content Planning Calendar?

If you are the type of business that occasionally posts on their website or social media platform, a content planning calendar may not be your priority. But irregular content will fail to endear you in the hearts of customers.

However, if you plan to use your social media content planner to draw more attention to yourself, you would need to design an editorial calendar for your editorial team. A content planning calendar will ensure that you post and know what to post. When you are disorganized, it's harder to create content frequently. As a result, you'll forget things or may omit them.

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